School Picture Ideas Have Been Released On Kids Activities Blog

groupkidsCreative school picture ideas and amazing classroom hacks have been published on Kids Activities Blog. Get ready for back to school this month.

First day of school pictures are special. Creative school picture ideas and amazing classroom hacks have been released on Kids Activities Blog. Get ready to capture all the excitement on the first day of school.

The 15 ideas for adorable first day school pictures include making chalk boards with special messages for the kids, dressing the kids the same for each years picture, and lining the siblings up by height.

Other great photo moments include taking a picture in the school hallway, making a school bus photo frame, and using any of the printables published on Kids Activities Blog. The photo tip list is endless.

School is just around the corner and it is time to plan the classroom. Use plastic milk cartons to build a cubby wall. Make bucket seats that provide extra storage or add black contact paper to jars to create pen holders.

Glue pom poms on erasers. They make the classroom more colorful and the pompoms are easily spotted when the eraser falls on the ground. Cut up a shower board from the hard ware store to make mini white boards for kids. Make a collection of floor mats for the kids to have a place during story time.

For detailed instructions and to get additional fun ideas, check out Kids Activities Blog this week. Come get inspired to make back to school fun this month.

About Kids Activities Blog

Kids Activities Blog is a website created by two moms (who collectively have 9 children), Holly Homer and Rachel Miller. Their new book was published this spring by Page Street, 101 Kids Activities That Are the Bestest, Funnest Ever! Kids Activities Blog is an interactive website that publishes fun things to do with kids twice a day. It is an amazing resource for moms, dads, grandparents, caregivers and teachers to find kid-friendly activities that create memories and sneak learning into the fun.

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Zim’s Max-Freeze For Feet Review

reviewnotepadA representative from Zim’s contacted us last month and asked if we’d be interested in reviewing a product, so we agreed to reveiw Zim’s Max-Freeze for feet. It arrived, and right off the bat, made a very nice presentation. It was easy to apply, and helped relieve some discomfort in the foot / ankle area. The product had a pleasant smell to it, and actually felt good applying. It was greaseless, stain free, had no lingering odor, fast acting, and rich in vitamins.

This cool, soothing spray may provide temporary relief for minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with:

– Uncomfortable shoes
– Running
– Standing or Walking
– Sore heels
– Ankle Pain

Adults 12 years and older:

– Spray evenly over painful muscles and joints.
– No need to rub. Leave sprayed area to dry.
– Repeat as necessary, no more than 4 times a day.
– Do not spray near face. Spray in hands to apply on or near face.
– Store in cool dry area.

Active Ingredients:

• Natural Menthol USP 3.7% (Purpose: Topical Analgesic)

Inactive Ingredients:

*Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, *Arnica Montana Extract, Camphor, Carbomer, Ethylhexylglycerin, *Ilex Paraguariensis Leaf Extract, Isopropyl Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Tea Tree Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E Acetate), Water.

* Asterisk before an ingredient indicates certified organic.

We would recommend this product to others.

- Disclaimer….Reviews on this web site does not mean the product is endorsed by this web site or anyone affiliated with this web site. Nobody from this web site is affiliated with this product. No review and snippets should be taken from this review and posted somewhere else without written permission. This is not a paid advertisement, just a review. When you try a product on your own, you do so at your own risk, but should always seek approval with your physician before trying. As always, read any warning messages listed on any product.

Donate Your Old Shoes To Girl Scouts Of Historic Georgia’s Scouting For Shoes Program

For our readers in Georgia…..

twokidsunDid you know that every year 300 million shoes end up in Landfills? Give your shoes new life with Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia’s Scouting for Shoes program by dropping off your gently used, re-wearable shoes at any of our eight service centers throughout Georgia.

Got old shoes that you don’t know what to do with? Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia and ShoeBox Recycling are working together to make the world a smaller, friendlier, and greener place one pair of shoes at a time through the Scouting for Shoes program. Girl Scouts throughout Georgia have been busy trying to keep shoes out of landfills. Since starting this program in January, Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia has collected more than 3,214 pounds of shoes. Every pair of shoes recycled will live happily on someone else’s feet.

The program is simple. Collect gently used, re-wearable shoes, bring them to one of Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia’s eight service centers and drop them in the ShoeBox.

It’s estimated that 20 billion pairs of shoes are produced annually, and unfortunately, roughly 300 million pairs are thrown away each year that can last for as long as 1,000 years in a landfill. When considering the sheer volume of shoe waste, it’s environmentally irresponsible to toss shoes in a landfill where they’ll impact the planet for centuries.

Recycling shoes helps do the following:

* Provide affordable shoes to those in need

* Creates micro-enterprises for individuals throughout the world, thus fueling local economies here and abroad

* Keeps them out of the landfills, creating a cleaner, greener planet

* Humanizes the process of shoe recycling with real connections of differing cultures

Now is the time to clean out those closets and donate them to Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia’s Scouting for Shoes program instead of throwing them away to sit in a landfill.

Acceptable Shoes: All paired men’s, women’s and kids’ shoes that are still usable. That means no holes in the soles and no wet or mildewed pairs. This includes athletic shoes, dress shoes, timberland type work boots, sandals, heels, flats

Not Acceptable Shoes: Heavy Winter Boots, Skates, Blades, Flip-Flops, Slippers, Singles, Unusable

To find the Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia service center closest to you or to find out more about the Scouting for Shoes program, log onto

Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place. Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia is the premier leadership development organization for girls and serves more than 14,000 girls and 6,000 adults in 122 counties in Georgia, two counties in South Carolina and Russell County in Alabama.

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The Metabolic Switch Diet PDF Review

reviewnotepadAccording to the Metabolic Switch Diet PDF review recently updated by, this is a comprehensive diet guide for women who want to lose weight naturally. Inside this book, readers will discover a list of protein rich foods and fat loss fruits that are good for staying healthy and keeping lean muscle mass.

Vkool writes in its review that this book is divided into 9 chapters that uncovers to readers the truth about fat burning hormones and weight loss supplements.

Vkool also informs in its review that by using this book, people will learn how to cook over 100 fat-burning food recipes such as:

* Braised veal with chorizo

* Tuna melt with jalapenos

* Chinese chicken salad

* Protein pancake with blueberries

* Turkey chili with white beans

* Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon

* Tuna, tomato and olive salad

* Crustless spinach and feta pie

* Italian stuffed red peppers

* Five-spice honey pork

* Smoked chicken tortilla wrap

The Metabolic Switch Diet, as it is reviewed now by Vkool, was penned by Sally Asher, a popular fitness expert. Since Sally Asher released The Metabolic Switch Diet book, it has helped many people in building a ripped and toned body with just a few weeks.

The Metabolic Switch Diet review also shows that this book is currently available online with some bonuses from Sally Asher such as:

* The 7 Day Metabolic Switch Diet Meal Plan: inside this book, people will discover a collection of delicious and healthy food recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

* The Metabolic Switch Diet – 12 Week Workout Plan – this book consists of over 50 exercises for boosting metabolism involving butterfly crunches, burpee exercises, plank exercises, squat exercises, push-up exercises, alternating lunges, jumping jacks and mountain climber exercises.

* The Metabolic Switch Diet – 14 Day Smoothie Guide

* The Metabolic Switch Diet – Success Journal

* The Metabolic Switch Diet Main New

* Pantry And Shopping Guide

* 60-day money back guarantee

* Free lifetime Metabolic Switch Diet upgrades

* Technical support available by phone or by email

David Phillips from the site Vkool – Better information, Better Lives says, “The Metabolic Switch Diet is a useful weight loss guide for women. this book also consists of a series of healthy food recipes and bodyweight exercises for boosting metabolism quickly. In addition, people will have 60 days to decide if they want to keep the Metabolic Switch Diet book or get their money back.”

To read the full review and learn more about Sally Asher’s book, visit the Vkool website at:

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Get Rid Of Cold Sores Fast Book Review

mansmileThe Get Rid Of Cold Sores Fast book review that was just updated by reveals Ellie Gadsby’s simple, home treatment system for reducing symptoms of fever blisters.

According to the Get Rid Of Cold Sores Fast book review recently updated by, this is a comprehensive guide that covers effective remedies for relieving symptoms of cold sores including:

Swollen lymph nodes in the neck
A sore throat and fever
Headache and muscle aches
Eating, drinking, and sleeping are uncomfortable
Drooling in small children
An itching, tingling or burning sensation around lips
Oozing and crusting
Small fluid-filled blisters

Vkool writes in its review that this book consists of simple and easy ways to treat cold sores such as:

Covering a cold sore with petroleum jelly
Changing a toothbrush after the blister has formed
Protecting lips from the sun
Not touching blisters
Avoid triggers
Applying ice packs and cold compresses on sores
Not kissing an infected person
Avoiding a contact with infected body fluids
Avoiding the things that trigger cold sores
Always using lip balm and sunscreen on face

Vkool also reveals in its review that inside this book, people will discover:

A simple and easy way to get rid of cold sores quickly
What cold sores really are and how to stop outbreaks
A step-by-step cold sore permanent relief protocol
The real cause of cold sores
A new method that is so effective to fight the cold sore virus
A proven method that allows the body to kill the cold sore virus
And more

Get Rid Of Cold Sores Fast, as it is reviewed now by Vkool, was developed by Ellie Gadsby, a medical practitioner and health consultant. Since Ellie Gadsby released this book, it has helped many people in eliminating cold sores and preventing their recurrence.

The Get Rid Of Cold Sores Fast review also shows that this book is currently available online with some special bonuses from Ellie Gadsby including:

Get Rid Of Cold Sores Fast – Quick Start Supplements
60-day money back guarantee
Free lifetime Get Rid Of Cold Sores Fast upgrades
Technical support available by phone or by email

James Bellinger from the site Vkool – Better information, Better Lives says, “Get Rid Of Cold Sores Fast is a useful book that helps people prevent the risk of getting diseases and conditions linked to fever blisters. This book provides people with safe and effective methods for curing fever blisters quickly within days. In addition, people will have 60 days to decide if they want to keep the Get Rid Of Cold Sores Fast book or get their money back.”

To read the full review and learn more about Ellie Gadsby’s book, visit the Vkool website at:

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Worried About Changes In Your Memory?

brainEven when a person’s memory is still within the normal range, noticing changes in mental function and being concerned about them can be an early warning sign of future decline.

For many people, forgetfulness becomes more common with age. But even when memory is still within the normal range, slips that seem new or unusual may be early warning signs of future decline. This merits a closer look, not a panic attack, explains neuropsychologist Rebecca Amariglio in the August 2014 Harvard Men’s Health Watch.

“We don’t want to worry people that if they forget where their keys are they are on the path to Alzheimer’s disease,” says Amariglio, an instructor in neurology at Harvard Medical School, “But there is a growing appreciation we should not dismiss those concerns. It may be worth talking to a doctor and getting a baseline assessment.”

Amariglio and her colleagues are exploring whether noticing and being concerned about changes in one’s own memory could be used to identify people with cognitive impairment. Cognitive impairment—sometimes called cognitive decline—is a catchall term that covers memory loss and worsening of basic thinking skills. It sometimes leads to dementia.

One potential warning sign that researchers have identified is finding it hard to follow a group conversation or the story in a TV show. Older adults who experience this are more likely to also show signs of cognitive impairment.

In contrast, doing things like losing your car keys but eventually remembering where they are or walking into a room and forgetting why you went there are more likely to be mostly harmless age-related forgetfulness.

A physician can do a quick cognitive check in the office or suggest more extensive testing to determine whether forgetfulness indicates a medical problem.

Read the full-length article: “Worried about your memory? Take action.”

Also in the August 2014 issue of the Harvard Men’s Health Watch:

* Do multivitamins increase risk of prostate cancer?

* Guide to home blood pressure monitoring

* The daily heartburn pill you might be able to stop taking

* Do you need to take extra vitamin D?

The Harvard Men’s Health Watch is available from Harvard Health Publications, the publishing division of Harvard Medical School, for $20 per year. Subscribe at or by calling 877-649-9457 (toll-free).

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Innovation & Tech Today Magazine

newsWhat do athletes, world class universities, medical facilities, digital health and innovation forerunners have in common? They are all drivers of technology growing the U.S. economy by billions of dollars — and setting our future course in the process.

Olympic gymnastics gold medalist Shannon Miller, Super Bowl Champion running back Derrick Coleman of the Seattle Seahawks, digital health expert Paul Sonnier, spinal injury rehab pioneer Dr. Susan Harkema, “Talk Nerdy” podcast host and neuroscientist Cara Santa Maria and social media and fitness inspiration Natalie Jill are among the people, programs and products featured in 2014 summer issue of Innovation & Tech Today.

Innovation & Tech Today is available at every Barnes & Noble and magazine newsstands nationwide. It is also available digitally through Zinio, Apple’s iTunes and Issuu.

“Our sports and medical technology issue really captures what is happening in health business today, how people, innovative ideas and products are coming together to change the face of our culture,” Publisher Charles Warner says. “Through our stories and featured subjects, you’ll see that it is happening at all age levels, and involves great transformation, from medical breakthroughs to the way we gain knowledge and take care of our own health. Wearables, equipment that coaches you and digital health is the wave of the future and we highlight those brands changing the world.”

Topics in the Summer 2014 issue include:

* Exclusive interview with Super Bowl-winning running back Derrick Coleman of the Seattle Seahawks, who is clinically deaf – and how, through his partnership with Starkey Laboratories he can play with state-of-the-art hearing aids while inspiring millions through his No Excuses Foundation.

* Exclusive interview with two-time Olympic gold medalist Shannon Miller, her work in women’s health and wellness, and her partnership with Polar Loop.

* Special contributions from innovation expert and Consumer Electronics Association CEO Gary Shapiro, and Forbes Top 50 social media influencer Chris Voss.

* Breakthrough medical work of Drs. Stephan Mayer of Mt. Sinai (advanced brain medicine) and Dr. Susan Harkema of the University of Louisville (helping paralyzed people walk again).

* Two drivers in digital media, Cara Santa Maria (Talk Nerdy) and founder of the nearly 30,000-member Digital Health group on LinkedIn, Paul Sonnier

* Point-to-point coverage of the 2014 USA Science & Engineering Festival, which drew 350,000 people to Washington D.C. to celebrate science and STEM.

* Top 20 medical apps for iPhone and Android.

* The latest in connected car technology, from national expert Michael Coates.

* Sports equipment showcase: technology that coaches you.

* How running shoe technology is keeping up with the latest boom featuring Hoka One One.

* The hands-free video capture explosion.

* The latest on the present and future of Bitcoin

“Taken together, this is probably the most diverse issue of material we’ve put out yet,” Warner says. “It not only goes to show that wearables, sports and medical technology are the hottest must-haves in the market, but also that they touch the lives of every single athlete, business person and consumer — in many different ways.”

Innovation & Tech Today is published by Innovative Properties Worldwide, Inc., headquartered in Denver with offices in San Diego and Clearwater, FL. Future issue themes include Entertainment, Home Automation and Sustainability in Fall 2014; the Business Leaders & Innovators showcase in Winter 2014; and Connected Cars, Energy, and Green Technology in Spring 2015.

Innovation & Tech Today is available on digital formats through Zinio, iTunes and Issuu and through print and digital subscriptions, and on newsstands nationally — including all Barnes & Noble locations in the US and Canada. Advertising and subscription specials are offered in celebration of this summer issue and new subscribers are eligible to win wearables provided by Martian Watches.

For more information, contact Charles Warner or Kelsey Elgie at (720) 708-4250 or visit

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Five Healthy Sleep Habits For A New School Year

kidsunningtogetherAs another school year approaches, teens and college students are found milking every opportunity to stay out late, sleep in, or even spending time foregoing sleep entirely. Research proves that sleep regulates mood and is closely tied to learning and memory functions, making it critical for teens and young adults to practice healthy sleeping habits. It also helps maximize productivity during the day and plays a critical role in overall energy level and health.

Founder of Allergy, Sleep & Lung Care and Board Certified Sleep Medicine physician, Imtiaz Ahmad M.D., provides students a series of healthy sleeping tips to promote successful sleeping throughout the school year for better classroom performance.

1. Say No Social Media
Recent studies show the use of tablets and mobile phones before going to bed could be affecting sleep habits, with teens being the most at risk. According to Dr. Ahmad, “More and more research is finding the displays within these devices are causing melatonin suppression, ultimately causing a dysfunction in your body’s sleep chemicals.” Allergy, Sleep & Lung Care suggests putting down technologies with backlit displays at least two hours before bed.

2. Schedule Your Sleep
Studies show by going to bed at the same time each night, your body will start to organically wind down at that consecutive time, allowing you to easily fall asleep. “Consistent schedule, consistent schedule, consistent schedule,” urges Dr. Ahmad. Allergy, Sleep & Lung Care promotes the use of a sleep schedule, especially with teens and young adults.

3. Cancel the Caffeine
According to recent research, Americans are starting to turn to caffeine to supplement natural energy gained by sleep at a younger age each year. “Caffeine is a stimulant that interferes with the ability to fall asleep,” says Dr. Ahmad. “Caffeine can increase the heart rate, blood pressure, hyperactivity and anxiety, all causing the inability to fall asleep.” Allergy, Sleep & Lung Care suggests restricting the use of caffeine to the FDA suggested amount, currently 400 milligrams for healthy adults. The American Academy of Pediatrics discourages the consumption of caffeine and other stimulants by children and adolescents.

4. No Excuse to Not Exercise
“Exercise is an important part of getting a healthy night of sleep,” stresses Dr. Ahmad. “It allows you to fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and avoid tossing and turning.” Allergy, Sleep & Lung Care suggests engaging in moderate physical activity for at least 30 minutes three-to-four times a week. Research has shown that patients generally suffering from insomnia were able to sleep up to an hour longer.

5. Write Down Your Worries
“Typically, teens and college students carry large amounts of stress, stemming from puberty and everyday adolescent pressures, to college exams and finding a proper life to school balance. One of the best ways to combat stress is to write your worries down on paper,” shares Dr. Ahmad. By writing out a list of everyday stresses that are capable of keeping you awake, teens and college students can remove those thoughts from their mind and transfer them to an ongoing list. Allergy, Sleep & Lung Care suggests spending 10-15 minutes each night recording your thoughts to gain a sense of relief.

For more information about Allergy, Sleep & Lung Care, please visit, or call (239) 437-8871.

About Allergy, Sleep & Lung Care

Allergy, Sleep & Lung Care is dedicated to improving and maintaining the health status of their patients by providing compassionate, top quality care. The respected practice provides excellence in patient care with the innovation that counts. The highly experienced team continues to provide a level of care and treatment that is unmatched on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Allergy Sleep & Lung Care is located at 16420 HealthPark Commons Drive, Suite 100 Fort Myers, FL 33908, with a second location at 260 Beth Stacey Boulevard, Suite 220 Lehigh Acres, FL 33936.

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Mental Health Unemployment Gap

stressNew study suggests 80% of US adults with severe mental illness are unemployed.

Behavioral health expert Ben Brafman knows that returning to the work force can be an important part of recovering from a mental health disorder. New statistics from the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) show that among those receiving public mental health services in the US, around 80 percent are unemployed. These results were gleaned from a state-by-state survey revealing Maine to have the highest percentage of unemployed people in the public mental health system at 92.6 percent. With an unemployment rate of 56.1 percent, Wyoming had the lowest percentage.

“Whenever we look at statistics we have to be careful,” said Brafman, the founder and CEO of The Sylvia Brafman Mental Health Center. “A behavioral health expert frequently comes across statistics that may or may not reflect the situation they are familiar with. However, that’s not to say that these results should be discounted. We have to look at what they mean for society and mental health treatment.”

NAMI’s study also showed that there are 7.1 million people who receive public mental health services across the United States, and 60 percent of those people expressed a desire to work. Less than 2 percent were getting state-supported employment opportunities. NAMI is calling for states to make a greater effort to support mental illness recovery by focusing more on employment services.

“The results of NAMI’s study shows us that there is an undeniable gap between people who want to work after mental health treatment and people who are actually working,” said Brafman, a behavioral health expert for over 20 years. “We should be careful not to interpret the results to say that people with mental illnesses can’t join the work force, because that isn’t true. It does suggest that stigma is still alive.”

Mental health disorders range from mild to severe, and look different in each individual. Recovery from mental illness is possible, and many people who have been through treatment successfully enter the workforce. Stigma against mental illness is still widespread, with many misconceptions existing about mental health.

“When you have 60 percent of a demographic saying that they want to work, but only 2 percent of them receiving help, that’s a problem,” said Brafman. “We need to increase the resources available to people who are living with mental illness, to help everyone transition back into the life they are fully capable of living.”

Brafman pointed out that the study, while eye-opening, only focused on people in the public sphere. It did not incorporate results from those who are receiving private mental health services and is limited in that regard.

“Mental illness can happen to anyone at any time,” said Brafman. “We’re not just talking about schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, but veterans with PTSD or mothers with post partum depression. Every one of these people has the potential to work, which can greatly help their recovery. But what would help even more is if there was more quality support to guide them along the way.”

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The First Social App For Tracking Food Allergies

newsMyFood Limited, a company dedicated to helping people protect their own health and the health of others, is pleased to announce the release of their MyFood app for iOS. MyFood allows users to selectively share a profile of their dietary restrictions and preferences with other users.

MyFood Limited today announces the release of the MyFood app, part of the first social platform that gives users the ability to create, update, and share profiles detailing their personal food allergies, restrictions, and preferences. Up to date information about a user’s food allergies and restrictions will allow people to protect their own health and the health of others.

“Today’s world has become a confusing landscape of individual dietary needs. So many people today, particularly children, have severe food allergies. Others are making choices about what they eat based on intolerances, or have ethical or religious restrictions. My wife and I found that we were unable to keep current with the dietary requirements of the people we know. After I was unable to find any existing application that even came close to meeting our requirements, I created MyFood,” said Brad Maybee, CEO & Founder of MyFood.

MyFood profiles are easy to create and share. With MyFood, everyone maintains their own profile and updates are shared automatically with their MyFood friends. MyFood also allows for the creation of family relationships between MyFood friends. For family members who don’t have their own MyFood accounts, for example children, a user can create and share “local family” profiles. In this way, entire family groups can be shared, making it possible to track the requirements of a friend’s family without having to have a direct connection to each member of the family. Even if someone a user knows doesn’t yet have a MyFood account, the user can create a local profile for that person so that they can track what they know of the person’s dietary restrictions.

The MyFood app is ad-free and is available to download now from the Apple app store for iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. MyFood will also soon be available as a web application using the browser on a mobile device or computer. Visit to learn more or to register to be notified when the web application is available.

About MyFood

MyFood is a privately held Canadian corporation based in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

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