Healthy Tip # 159

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Another healthy tip courtesy of Jillian McAfee

girlstretchEvery year, the new year creeps up on us and we think to ourselves, “How has the year gone by so fast?” Twelve months is an ample amount of time to achieve our goals, yet why is it so hard to stick to our New Year’s resolutions? New Year’s resolutions do not seem to work for many individuals and there are several reasons why.

A year is just too long of a time frame! There is no urgency to complete your goals if you know that you have 365 days to accomplish them. Let me ask you this… If your boss tells you about a project that is due a year from now, will you start working on it right away? Most likely, your answer is no! If your answer is yes, you might start working on it, but a week or two down the road, another project will come up and the original project will get put on the back burner.

Sadly, health gets put on the back burner for many of us because we set lofty goals and give ourselves twelve LONG months to complete them.

Instead of looking at 2013 as whole, set realistic monthly or weekly goals that you know you are capable of accomplishing. For example: healthy weight loss can be measured weekly! Losing a pound to two pounds each week is safe and definitely doable!

So what makes a good goal? The SMART model.

Your goals should contain each of the following 5 components:

* Specific

* Measurable

* Attainable

* Realistic

* Timely

So, how can you stay on track?

– Remember that you may not see immediate results! We look at ourselves in the mirror daily, and a lot of times we get frustrated when we don’t see much change after all of our hard work. Try not to let this discourage you! If you do not have access to accurate body composition tools, use cues – like how your clothes are fitting and how your fitness level is increasing to measure your progress.

– Allowing others to hold you accountable is just as important as holding yourself accountable. It is so hard to accomplish things on your own – allow your friends, family, and trainers to help you succeed on this journey!

– It is okay when life gets messy! The “all or nothing” mentality is something that many individuals struggle with. Living a healthy lifestyle is not about doing things perfectly. Its about knowing how to get back on track when you mess up! Did a recent vacation throw you off of your workout regimen? That’s okay! Forgive yourself and move forward with your program..

My advice to you is to make a new resolution to dedicate this year to your health! Create SMART goals and allow people to help you. Fitness is a wonderful journey that will change your life if it has not already.

– Jillian McAfee, Chicago Trainer, Downsize Fitness, the only gym catering to people 50+ pounds overweight.

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