Healthy Tip # 160

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Another healthy tip courtesy of Marian Salzman

A sample from Marian Salzman 2013 fitness trends…..

The Gym Goes Home – Fitness Videos Are Back!

womancurlupIf you think the fitness video retired along with Jane Fonda’s hot pink leg warmers, you’d be wrong. Fitness videos are enjoying renewed popularity, as is 74-year-old Fonda, revisiting her fitness-instructor persona by releasing a series of workout DVDs targeted to baby boomers. The new wave of exercise vids—even famously intense video series like P90X (with the high-profile endorsement of Paul Ryan) and Insanity—isn’t scaring consumers away: Fitness DVD revenue rose 12.6 percent last year. If 80 is the new 70—and it seems to be, as more seniors, particularly those in retirement communities, participate in fitness and wellness programs—then look for aging exercise gurus like Kathy Smith, Denise Austin, Gilad and more to capitalize on the trend. (Even 40- and 50-something skateboarding figureheads such as Tony Hawk and Stacy Peralta are being welcomed back by graying members of Gen X, as is a new line of decks called Fat Old Guy Skateboards.) With new fitness crazes surfacing regularly such as Gangnam style.

– Noted Trendspotter/Havas PR CEO Marian Salzman

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