Healthy Tip # 162

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Another healthy tip courtesy of Lea Genders

applevectorThe one thing that the average person can do to get one step closer to a healthy lifestyle is to learn to read the ingredient list on nutritional labels. If someone just looks at the calorie, fat, and sugar content to determine if it is a healthy food, they are missing a giant piece of the puzzle. Are there five ingredients or less? Can you pronounce every one of them? Do you recognize each of them as whole natural foods? If so, this is a good product to buy for better health. Does it have high fructose corn syrup? Artificial sweeteners? Chemicals? Sugar? Hydrogenated anything? Words you can’t pronounce? If so, it is likely not a good choice. I have found if you read the ingredients first and it passes the all-natural test, if doesn’t matter as much what the rest of the nutrition label reads.

– Lea Genders I am a health and fitness blogger over at

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