Healthy Tip # 178

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Another healthy tip courtesy of Sophie Skover

Health tip: Mindfulness to set goals! (the first place to start)

brainThe mind that sees no direction will just wander. If you want to find your way in 2013 it is imperative to set goals from a mindful place. The way I instruct my clients to do this is to first start with re-organizing the mind by silencing the chatter, becoming solution oriented, and then learning to live in the moment. Once the mind is calm and balanced, it is time for reflection of past accomplishments and to look at goal setting behaviors. After that is I encourage people to set 2 goals: one that will take a month and one that could take up to six months. So they are working on short term and long term at the same time. The achievement of the short term will then fuel the long term goal.

Setting goals in general, I believe, will make you more aware of you. This awareness can then bleed into many areas of your life if you let it. Then only downside to setting goals is getting so locked into a specific number (money or weight) that it affects all areas of your life and makes you grumpy. I encourage people to set goals, work towards them, but also be a positive contributor to all aspects of their life.

– Sophie Skover, “The Food Craving Coach”, is the author of The Continuous Appetite, a life coach, and inspirational speaker, who works to help others experience harmony in their lives.

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