Healthy Tip # 209

Healthy tips courtesy of Rebecca Sadek and Jen Morris

fruitsalad- Set a goal and focus on the attainable

- Drink two glasses of water daily upon rising to hydrate your body

- Eat your veggies! Fill your plate 3/4 with greens at each meal

- Eat breakfast every day, and make it your largest meal

- The kitchen closes at 8pm – avoid eating after this hour

- Nix soda and other high sugar drinks, including alcohol. Consume water throughout the day

- Begin cardio AND weight training. Move every day

- Eat at home – attempt to cook 80% of meals in your kitchen

- Don’t go at it alone – tell your friends, family, and ask for support. Every little bit helps!

- Track your progress. Keeping a journal or food log helps you really understand what you’re eating and where you can make changes.

- Rebecca Sadek and Jen Morris, founders of Urban Detox Club

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