Hypnotension Warns That Pressure To Succeed At School Doubles High Blood Pressure Rate In Teenagers

bloodpressureHypnotension has warned that pressure to succeed in school may by contributing to an increase in high blood pressure and obesity in teenagers.

The warning comes in the wake of research by the University of Göttingen Medical Centre into high blood pressure and quality of life.

Their study of 7,688 boys and girls ages 11 to 17 found that 10.7 percent had high blood pressure – twice the number expected.

Adolescents with hypertension were more likely to be obese and less physically fit than those with normal blood pressure. They spent more time watching TV or playing video games.

But unexpectedly, those with high blood pressure were often more academically successful than those with normal blood pressure.

High blood pressure is a leading cause of death worldwide, with World Health Organisation statistics showing it accounts for nearly two thirds of strokes and half of all heart disease.

It can remain symptomless for years, so half of people with high blood pressure are unaware that they have it.

The researchers say the data supports the emotional repression theory of hypertension, which underpins the Hypnotension approach to lowering blood pressure naturally.

Repression of emotions may lead people to rate their quality of life higher and at the same time lead to higher blood pressure.

Rob Woodgate, co-creator of the Hypnotension Programme, says, “In our current cultural and economic climate, teenagers feel an immense pressure to succeed at school, and whilst it’s worrying that we are seeing double the expected number of students with high blood pressure, it’s not surprising.”

“This research strongly suggests that the pressures of school have driven the most successful students at the expense of their health.”

“Stress can be a powerful motivator, but it also affects blood pressure – both directly, as well as encouraging obesity through emotional eating. At Hypnotension, we help people deal with the emotional and lifestyle factors underpinning high blood pressure so they can lower their blood pressure naturally.”

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