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newsRecent environmental report shows that the toilet seat may be cleaner than garden furniture

The next time people tend to their garden furniture, it’s highly advised to tend to it a bit more closely says Casa Bella Furniture – as research has revealed a shockingly high amount of bacteria lives and thrives on everyday garden furniture.

According to a report published in FemaleFirst, nearly all areas of the garden that had come into frequent contact with hands or food contained extremely high levels of bacteria. Yet the most worrying statistic uncovered that out of the four of the six areas examined (including barbecues as well as bin lids) harboured more bacteria than that found on a standard toilet seat.

A spokesman from Casa Bella Furniture said: “Whether it’s indoor or outdoor furniture, any type of furnishing is a long term investment. So if we all take the precautionary steps to take care of our furniture inside the home, why not apply the same principle to our furnishings outside the house? While 71% have admitted to cleaning their kitchen table daily, unfortunately just 28% can say the same of their outside table – only cleaning it more than two times a year.”

The survey also reported that bacteria and organisms including e-coli, listeria and salmonella were also found in the garden – resulting in possible vomiting and diarrhoea; which is especially dangerous among those who are very old as well as the younger generation. Reporting the need to clean garden tables and other outdoor furniture regularly, barbecues were the worst offenders – found to have 1.7 million microbes per 100cm2, while toilet seats had around 759,950 microbes.

BBC hygiene expert Dr Lisa Ackerley stated: ‘We often see our gardens as an extension to our homes but they could become a reservoir of harmful bacteria, potentially giving rise to illness and infection if transferred to your food or your mouth by your hands. To help keep the family safe, I would suggest cleaning and disinfecting garden furniture and barbecues prior to use and, if you have small children, then remember to clean areas that may come into contact with their hands, such as play equipment and decking.”

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