New York Cardiovascular Associates Recommends Relieving Sleep Apnea The Natural Way – With Weight Loss

sleepThis month, New York Cardiovascular Associates is promoting awareness of weight loss as a natural means of treating sleep apnea. The New York based sleep clinic hopes to educate the public on the connection between obstructive sleep apnea and obesity.

Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when normal breathing is obstructed. “Being overweight or obese can lead to excess fat around the neck,” says a center representative. “This fat can block the upper airway, making breathing difficult.” Improved breathing can be achieved when this obstruction is removed through weight loss.

New York Cardiovascular Associates hopes to encourage weight loss as a natural way to relieve sleep apnea symptoms. They will be providing information on weight loss and its relation to sleep apnea through Twitter, Facebook, and an informative video.

Weight loss can help relieve sleep apnea and is associated with a number of other health benefits. The center recommends working with a doctor to develop a targeted weight-loss plan to anyone hoping to pursue this manner of treatment.

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About New York Cardiovascular Associates

New York Cardiovascular Associates is New York City’s premier center for cardiac, vascular, pulmonary, sleep disorder, and primary care. The center has been providing the five boroughs of New York City with leading-edge care since 2005. New York Cardiovascular Associates is unique in giving patients access to a team of physicians that encompasses every field of cardiology. From the center’s Manhattan office, NYCVA cardiologists provide complete patient services, including heart disease prevention, cardiac screenings, and treatment for the full range of cardiovascular conditions. In addition to superior cardiac care, New York Cardiovascular Associates provides vascular, arterial, pulmonary, and internal medicine care. Physicians and specialists work together to develop comprehensive treatment plans, whether treating patients for a single condition or for multiple health issues. NYCVA has earned multiple national accreditations, and its doctors and technologists are recognized among the top experts in their fields.

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