People’s Top Concerns About Mold

newsMold Inspection Sciences of San Diego recently conducted a survey of its clients to find out what concerned them most about mold. The survey was easy and contained only one question: “What concerns you most about mold?” The company tallied the results and the following are the three most popular answers.

#1 – “It could make me and my family ill.”

This was the number one response by a big margin. Mold can cause or contribute to a variety of health problems. The company’s clients also commented that this was the compelling reason for enlisting the company to perform a mold inspection of their home or office.

#2 – “It will cause damage to my home or office and could cost a lot of money to remove.”

Mold and moisture problems left unaddressed can cause significant property damage that are expensive to repair. The best approach is early detection through a proper mold inspection and mold testing.

#3 – “Buying a new home or investment property with a hidden mold problem.”

Purchasing a new home or investment property is stressful. It’s a big commitment and one wants to make certain there are no hidden problems that could cost money in the future. Making a mold inspection part of the due diligence of a purchase will help ensure the home is free of moisture and mold problems.

Important and useful consumer information about mold inspection and mold testing can also be found on Mold Inspection Sciences’ blog: ( This blog contains information about mold myths, mold and health, allergies, mold remediation and removal, symptoms of mold exposure, and other mold-related topics.

Mold Inspection Sciences of San Diego, California is a professional, certified mold inspection and mold testing company, founded in 2002 to help homeowners and business owners inspect and test their properties for mold to ensure the health and safety of the occupants.

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