Saint Jude Retreats Release New Infographic About Addiction

newsThe Saint Jude Retreats is proud to release an infographic entitled, “There’s An Anonymous Meeting For That“. This visual representation of the most commonly known method of treatment, explains the philosophy behind the 12 steps which focuses on: disease, powerlessness, and God which has been applied for the last 70 years to mostly any form of habitual behavior. The Saint Jude Retreats is an alternative to traditional 12 step treatment programs and helps people overcome counterproductive choices in their life.

The, “There’s An Anonymous Meeting For That” Infographic can be found on Saint Jude Retreats website and includes information of the extreme variety of 12 step meetings available for people who believe they are “addicted” to certain behaviors and need help to stop. The infographic also explains the core philosophy of the 12 step program, and the information people will receive when attending meetings for their compulsive behaviors. The 12 steps are often still incorporated in treatment and rehab centers today.

Saint Jude’s Designer, Paul Cramer quotes on the goal of the infographic, “With this Infographic, we hoped to show the cookie-cutter framework of Alcoholics Anonymous. Even with something as ordinary as lip balm use, a number of people see the 12 steps as their only chance for change.”

Some of the anonymous meeting listed in the infographic includes Alcoholics Anonymous, Sex and Love Addicts, Emotions Anonymous, Debtors Anonymous and Lip Balm Anonymous. Daniel Hidalgo, Executive Marketing Director at Saint Jude Retreats quotes, “It is important for the public to know the truth behind the 12 step method of treatment. People might say ‘Well at least they are attempting to get help’ or ‘It is better than nothing’ and people accept this because they really don’t know anything about these programs. The 12 steps have become part of our culture, and it is accepted as that. The reality is that 12 steps are religious programs that promote powerless and disease as the pillars of the program and take away any shot of hope from the individual as they are told that they will be in “recovery” for the rest of their lives and their disease will continuously be in remission. In other words there is no cure. While science has seen advancements in the treatment of diseases, such as Cancer or AIDS and are constantly improving, the 12 steps has not changed its treatment methods in over 70 years and are now applied to almost anything. From the Internet to chap stick or hoarders, and even people who procrastinate, they are all labeled diseased and powerless and this is just wrong.”

The Saint Jude Retreats is a non 12 step program which does not treat people but rather empowers them to make better choices than their current behaviors. Learn more about the Saint Jude Program. While traditionally Saint Jude Retreats helps people with substance use problems, the program can be applied to various behavior concerns such as overeating or continuous shopping.

– Courtesy of PRWeb

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